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Help For Ukraine Appeal Fund is a UK registered Charity, which was set up to help women and children affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

We aim to raise money to support those persons affected by the conflict in Ukraine, in particular women and children, and will look to support people in Ukraine, Poland and the UK. 

Founded by Lee Ellerker one of our first projects was to give ukraine orphan support for disabled Ukrainian children in Torun, Poland. The polish authorities provide very basic needs, but places like this need a lot more support and the big charities have so far provided no support. We are now supporting the Ukraine charity Miracle Today that provide great support in Chernihiv, Ukraine including elderly people, disabled and school children. We also support the charity Modern Village and Town in Cherkasy. We have also provided laptops for children in the Hull and East Yorkshire Ukrainian Community.


The three trustees are:

Lee Ellerker - former UN Peacekeeping soldier and has already made a number of humanitarian aid trips to support Ukrainians

Andrzej Frygier - Polish Doctor working in Haematology Hull University Teaching Hospitals for the last 10 years with many contacts in Poland to help direct where aid is needed

Shaun Willox - Qualified Accountant with many years experience of dealing with Charities and now has a Ukrainian family living at his home

Also involved Maryna Lupko - Ukrainian Lawyer, now based in UK via the Homes for Ukraine Scheme

We aim to use 100% of funding to provide aid, there are no running expenses for the Charity.

Lee Ellerker

Lee Ellerker

Andrjez Frygier

Andrzej Frygier

shaun willox

Shaun Willox

Maryna Lupko

Maryna Lupko

orphanages in Ukraine wherever possible.

Our Mission

The objects of the Charity are the relief and assistance of people in need arising from the war/conflict in Ukraine with a focus on women and children primarily by providing funding to charities, orphanages and schools in order to meet such needs

How you can help

ukraine orphan support


If you would like to donate, please send what you can to support our fund. 

Thank you.


lee ellerker at Torun orphanage


We are still considering our policy on Volunteering.

Help for Ukraine Appeal Fund


At present we are partnered with Hull4Ukraine who are based in Hull and regularly send aid for Ukrainian refugees

Did you know?

Over 14 million Ukrainians have left their homes since the start of the war

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